Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sometime It's Luck

Sometimes it's luck, and some times it's the result of perseverance.

For the weekend I managed a trip to Sydney to get in a visit with my friend Steve, planning an early morning photo shoot. Last time we tried this we arrived on site just before 6 a.m to see a grey nothingness. And then it rained. This weekend i think Sydney felt it owed me one and turned on two absolute stunning starts to the day, which made the effort worth while! (that is getting up at 5 and leaving the boat I was staying on via a row boat to get to shore then driving to location.)

The first day we shot at Avalon beach and it was a brilliant morning to have a camera, with lots of moving light and water, here is the sunrise;

The inviting water of a warm summers morning;

This slimy rock fauna was just radiating with colour;

One of the locals off more a morning juice and a walk;

I left day one impressed, but managed to convince steve to have a go at day two despite him finishing work a bit after midnight he was keen. What we were rewarded with was one of the best mornings of shooting I have had. Whats more we were able to use our art to bring a little happiness to a lady we met on the walk back to the car; Kelly had just completed a morning walk, one that her father did almost every day right up until the day he died a week ago. Now she was sitting, watching the ocean and contemplating life without him while planning for his memorial. She asked if we could send her some of the images from the morning to use, as this was his favourite spot in the world and we were more than happy to oblige her. Her story also made the morning feel a little more special as we related the stunning rainbow that appeared just after sunrise with her Dad's spirit sending her a farewell.  This is how the morning started;

A look at the some of the ultra deep color the sun was generating;

 The spirit of Kelly's Dad shinning down on those lucky enough to be around;

 The sky changed from deep blues and purples to a bright orange and yellow, and we weren't the only ones enjoying it;

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Around Home: 2012

January has been a pretty frantic month, after getting back from O/S and back into work I have now moved house! But finally I have had some time to chill out and go bring you a slice of natures magic. All of these photos below have been taken near where I am now living, which is a much more inspiring location than the inner-city! Hopefully some more regular updates to come, enjoy;

As far as omens go, it's hard to have a bad day when you get out of your car and this guy lands next to you to say hello;