Saturday, 28 May 2011

Plastic Fantastic

Well, here is one for the girls! Was out having lunch with my house mate yesterday and noticed that she was wearing these 100% plastic bright pink shoes, with a fake plastic bow on the front of them, just to add to the excess! The novelty of such footwear made me laugh, but I thought I could take an interesting picture of them, with the over-the-top-fake shoes being contrasted by the natural beauty of the timber floor they were sitting on;

Friday, 27 May 2011

Maximum Fixation

8 degrees outside. Check. No Sunlight. Check. Drunk people in bulldogs jerseys. Check. This mornings photo shoot had all the trappings of staying in bed, however I ventured out into the cold dark city streets of Brisbane with my friend Max to take some photos of him being an upper-class hipster on his beautiful DeRosa fixie. One of the locations was unfortunately set next to a police RBT that had caught several people who decided to tell Max how to ride a bike, quite comical! Aside from that though I got the chance to try out some new pieces of equipment, which worked fantastically well! Enjoy this little taste of this morning;

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Brisbane's premier Greek culture festival was held this weekend in my local park, with plenty of feta and olives (and any other Greek cliches you can think of) to pass around. The festival is an annual celebration that causes traffic chaos and usually brings with it rainy weather, it is however capped off by a closing ceremony fireworks show on the Sunday night. As I quickly discovered, taking photos of fireworks is extraordinarily difficult if you a) have a tree directly between where you set up and the display or worse b) have people with point and shoot cameras leaving the flash on trying to take a similar picture (not really sure what they are trying to illuminate there?). Anyhow I managed to capture this below of the Brisbane skyline and the smoke from the fireworks drifting away;

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Gangsta for Life!

Another weekend past us by just now, and I had the pleasure to spend it with my family, one of the rare occasions in which all of us siblings are in the same room for extended amounts of time. My Brother bought his son (who I photographed at 2-3 weeks old below), who is now 9 and 3/4 weeks old and he appears to already have an affinity for girls and money, a true star of the under-world no doubt! Here is a photo of him just relaxing in his cash-blanket;

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Ultimate Food

Yesterday I spent the day in Byron Bay watching the annual triathlon go off; it was a stunning day for racing and was taken out by a friend of mine. Your probably expecting a photo of of some lean and fit athletes pushing their bodies to the limit in pursuit of a few seconds/minutes, but while they were doing that  I was enjoying one of my favourite meals. If your in Byron Bay you have to find and order this!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunshine Sunshine

This weekend the kind people of the Queensland government decided to give the place a lazy extra day on their weekend; as such I took the opportunity to go visit some friends and family back up on the Sunshine Coast. It was also the last chance that I will get before my friend, Tim George, goes to Germany to race triathlons and eat Black Forrest cake. While I was up I also took my Nana out to afternoon tea with my Dad and Sister (who I let out of the cage below) and roamed about the adjacent park enjoying one of the last days of our summer.

Nana watching on as the children play;

Turning my family into a Ray-Ban commercial from the 60's;

Dad started playing guitar next to me as soon as started playing super Mario, instead of get annoyed, I annoyed him, snapping away at close range;