Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunshine Sunshine

This weekend the kind people of the Queensland government decided to give the place a lazy extra day on their weekend; as such I took the opportunity to go visit some friends and family back up on the Sunshine Coast. It was also the last chance that I will get before my friend, Tim George, goes to Germany to race triathlons and eat Black Forrest cake. While I was up I also took my Nana out to afternoon tea with my Dad and Sister (who I let out of the cage below) and roamed about the adjacent park enjoying one of the last days of our summer.

Nana watching on as the children play;

Turning my family into a Ray-Ban commercial from the 60's;

Dad started playing guitar next to me as soon as started playing super Mario, instead of get annoyed, I annoyed him, snapping away at close range;

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