Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nocturnal Sunshine

So very aware am I that it has been  while between posts I thought I would return with something worthwhile. Sometimes artistic photography can be a lonely pursuit, but when you  spend a few hours in the total darkness under the stars it serves as a welcome reminder the significance of peace and slowing down occasionally and how frivolous it is to waste so much time on 'modern excess'. 

This photo was the result of my first successful star trail, an art form that is quite hard to compose in near pitch black. But patience pays off!

The following few photos are from Southbank in Brisbane, it's good to see you can find little gems so close!

Since it has been a while between posts I am throwing up a few bonus photos too.
This first one some of you may have seen on my instagram (@dwishaw) and is of my nephew being a miniature Buda.

And this bonus photo is was a crazy hard shot to get, seeing me hobbled in a cave avoiding exploding waves. But totally worth it!