Saturday, 21 July 2012

Run with Soul

Had a weekend back on the Sunshine Coast this weekend and managed to catch up with a few old friends which was fantastic. One of which was Mel Vandewater, founder of Soul Runner (, who was running a technique workshop for a small class while she was in town. I ventured along to see what it was all about in the mid-afernoon sun (admittedly not perfect photography timing), and saw a class that was taught through shear force of enthusiasm, it was sensational to see such passion brimming over and the effect it had on everyone around! It was truly infectious, and great to catch up!

If you are need of some training tips and technique work have a look at her website

Mel teaching some good levers;

The personal touch;

My fav for the day;

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well the constant rain may be getting me down by keeping me indoors at the moment I did manage to spy these cool water drops on this leaf today, experimenting with the crazy depth of field of my macro!