Friday, 8 April 2011

Jackson Wishaw

This week I had the chance to go and see my one month old nephew, Jackson. I had organised with my good friend  Stephen Govel to go and do a photo shoot with Jackson, and capture him in all of his tininess. Jackson however seemed to take this opportunity as a challenge, crying and being uncooperative right up until the light had faded too much then just went to sleep, I suspect he timed this deliberately! Since Steve is the pro he did most of the photos and they should be up to see on his blog (see link) real soon, so I assisted and captured a couple of nice ones myself.

After trying for about half an hour to get some detail shots, I finally managed to snap a shot of his tiny hands while his Mother, Mel, was trying to calm him;

While Steve was setting up his shooting scene I caught this photo of Jackson making sure he was looking good;

Dear Derek Zoolander, thanks for the inspiration;

Even with Jackson not playing the game most of the time Steve managed work well with little Jackson;

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