Thursday, 5 January 2012

Åre: Sweden.

What better way to recover from some sensational jet lag then doing some photo editing and posting of the trip that caused the jet lag in the first place! As is sensible I thought I would post these in chronological order, by country, starting with Sweden. Firstly I would like to say that the Swede's are insanely nice and were by far my favourite nationality of people that I met while i was away (even better than the USA if you would believe?) and I certainly look forward to returning there soon!

Anyway to the pictures! Most of the photos I am posting here are from the ski resort of Åre (pronounced "Or-a"), which is just on the Sweden side of it's border with Norway and about 45 mins from Östersünd in Sweden. This place is phenomenally beautiful and is certainly a significant change in temperature from Queensland in December!

Ok the very first image her is actually from Stockholm, but I just thought all these knight statues were awesome;

This is what Christmas is supposed to be about;

Gorgeous houses on the hillside;

The view from just above our building every morning (someone has to do the hard jobs);

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