Monday, 30 January 2012

Nordic Action!

I know this is a little overdue! So I am sorry for the delay in posting! But I have put together a few pieces of footage I took with my Go Pro while Snowboarding in Sweden and Quad-biking in Iceland (me filming, my sister driving). You can see how crazy beautiful it is here! Snowboarding into the sunrise in Sweden was one of the best things we did while on our trip, and the sunrise at the start of this was easily the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen, with deep oranges and purples, some weening moon action and the most crystal clear air you have ever seen. Now even if you don't have the time to watch this video, at least listen to the music on it; the artist Grimes has been releasing some stunning stuff lately and this track "Vanessa" is no different; check it out!

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