Thursday, 5 January 2012

Reykjavik: Iceland

And the final leg on this trek; dreamy Iceland, the most northern capital city in the world. This place was full of energy, snow and adventures; and we got involved in the lot! Soon I will post a video of us Quad biking along the frozen coast line, which was amazing! Alas, I need more time to get that ready, so here are the still frames;

Iceland loves its viking heritage, and on the waterfront they have this cool stainless steel viking boat statue;

Throughout Reykjavik there are brilliant wall murals; this one is no doubt titled "how to tie a tie while wearing a cracking moustache"... (As a disclaimer this is only about half of the wall, so don't use it for instruction!)

The truly amazing thermal blue lagoon, which our American bus partners liked to remind everyone is "really blue"; I mean seriously do people from this country get points for opening there mouths and double for saying something obvious?

The New Years fireworks display here is unbeatable. Every family in Reykjavik spends between US$500-$1000 on fireworks for this one night alone! Warm-up starts around 6p.m when there are sporadic explosions all over the city and builds up until 10:30 at which time everything stops and the Icelanders go and what a special TV program and at 11:30 everyone runs out on the street and the sky explodes insanely until about 1a.m at which point it trails off and finishes sometime after 7am (although there are more explosions the next night from people that forgot the had more). to give you an idea this photo below is about a 4 second exposure in one of the parts of the city. I would recommend for anyone that like fireworks this is a must!

And the other thing they do on New Years is build massive bon fires  at points around the city and drink and watch the fire. These usually start at 830, and the fire below had nearly burnt out by 1030 when this photo was taken;

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